Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Others

Since this is an economic blog, that you are reading, it is only logical to bring in the conversation about those, since you are so obviously interested in them.
What other economics and close enough blogs are there to read?

1. Well, the obvious. And no it does not link to Paul Krugman.
2. On signalling, there is nothing better than - Overcoming Bias
3. Less wrong, the community on rationality comes very close to discussing some microeconomics topics.
4. afinetheorem. Astonishingly good.
5. Ksonin. Yes, in the language of generic country. 
6. Ruconomics used to have some nice articles in the language of this particular country. Pity it had grown to a halt.
7. Mankiw, for this pic mostly.
8. Ecocomics. Comics and economics. Used to be nice.
9. NBER digest of working papers every week.

There. Subscribe to these and you are more or less up to date on what is hot.

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