Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Painting by Ronald Coase

I was wondering about the hobbies of famous economists and look what i found -

A painting by Ronald Coase himself. This is a portrait of Duncan Black, a scottish economist in public choice. There is a signature and certified authenticity and everything if you follow the link below.

Check it out here - http://dev.arch.hku.hk/creue/achieves/duncan-black-by-ronald-h-coase-no-flash/

Do you know any other paintings by economists? I don't think I know any other. I know Haavelmo loved motorbikes though, but don't know other cases with paintings or anything like that.

And, just to be sure - i claim no rights or anything. It's Ronald Coase after all - would be ironic for me to get into property rights trouble here, and i bet Coase would win on his field.

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